OnSite Labor Inc


  • Business Services

    OnSite Labor provides real business solutions that make economic sense.

    • Certified Payroll/Tax/Benefits
    • Benefits Administration
    • HR Administration and Management
    • Workers' Compensation, Safety and Risk Management
    • Payroll and Compensation Administration and Much More
  • Employee Benefits Plans

    OnSite Labor eliminates the need for you to research to find a benefits plan that's right for you. In most cases, we can eliminate even the underwriting needed to put a plan in place. When you partner with OnSite Labor, employees receive the benefits they value and need, while employers reduce turnover, expense, and time spent handling benefit plans. Programs and administration include:

    Insurance Coverage

    • Medical insurance (Group or Individual)
    • Dental insurance
    • Vision insurance
    • Basic life insurance
    • Supplemental life insurance
    • Short-term and long-term disability (STD, LTD) insurance

    Tax and Retirement Savings

    • Bonafide Fringe benefit plans
    • Payroll deducted IRA options and program
    • Profit sharing plans
    • 401(k) retirement plans
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