OnSite Labor Inc

About Us

  • OnSite Labor:

    Offers access to unlimited funding resources to cover your weekly burden.

    Even the most growth-oriented companies are hampered if they lack adequate financial support. For small to mid-sized businesses, obtaining additional working capital is difficult, if not impossible, because banks focus on the strength of financial statements, rather than the strength of collateral. Yet it is the very strength of that collateral that OnSite Labor payroll funding uses to help your business grow. With OnSite Labor payroll funding as your financial partner, you can increase your cash flow, improve your purchasing power and enhance productivity.

  • OnSite Labor:

    Assumes all workers compensation and employee liability.

    One of the biggest challenges of workers' compensation is the ability to maintain competitive rates. OnSite Labor workers' compensation is based on the principle that it's better to work together than alone.

    What could you do without large down payments, installment payments and workers' compensation audits? How about the time, energy and money you spend on administrating workers' compensation claims? Would you be able to use that time and energy looking for new business?
  • OnSite Labor:

    Can provide employee benefits for all employees.

    Over the years we have put together an employee benefit plan that provides major medical, mini- medical, dental, STD, and life insurance. We have happy employees using this coverage every day. If you are looking for a way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the companies, this is definitely a win for you at a very inexpensive cost.

  • OnSite Labor:

    Provides a back office that truly understands what it's like to have employees.

    We provide professional HR support, certified payroll, taxes, W2s, background checks, DMV, unemployment administration, workers' compensation administration, E-verify, debit card and direct deposit and even drug testing. Each and every week we are here working with you.